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Artist, designer, and watercolor teacher whose work encourages a more intimate connection to nature and self. 
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I am so excited to share this gorgeous new watercolor travel kit inspired by the landscape at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort in Gardiner, New York

My Experience at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort

Lucky for me, I’ve spent the past year teaching watercolor workshops and offering watercolor activation at this gorgeous property. If you’re not familiar with Gardiner, New York – it’s a cute little town in the lower Hudson Valley Region… and it’s also where I live! Wildflower Farms is nestled under the Shawanagunk Ridge and is a sprawling landscape of meadows and beautiful low-profile Cabins.

The Watercolor Workshop at Wildflower Farms

There are so many things that set Wildflower Farms apart from the many other Hudson Valley luxury resorts but the one that I’ve noticed packs the biggest value is all the programming that Wildflower offers. They partner with local artists and makers to provide a menu of activities to try during your stay… including, my bias favorite, the Watercolor with Nature Workshop that I teach ?

This intimate watercolor workshop shifts with the seasons to offer space to reconnect with nature and your creativity. I lead guests through simple watercolor techniques with little moments of mindfulness to leave them feeling grounded, inspired, and deeply connected to the artist within. We’ll warm up with our watercolors and get to know this fluid and playful medium. Although the subject varies, the focus is on exploring your own unique style and expression.

Hudson Valley Watercolor Artist Jaime Reynolds live paints on the porch at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort in Gardiner NY
Jaime, live painting at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort in Gardiner, New York.

Watercolor Activations at Wildflower Farms

In addition to this seasonal watercolor workshop that I offer weekly in the Farmhouse, I partner with Wildflower Farms to create special watercolor experiences for overnight and day guests on their grand porch. This is a lovely space with a giant fire pit and super cozy seating. This is where I set up a few watercolor stations for guests to come paint with me. ?

Some guests stop and paint for 10 minutes, some for 30 (or more)! This offering provides such a sweet touchpoint to elevate the guest experience ~ especially on those busy holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Watercolor Postcards of Wildflower Farms

Everyone has their relationship with creativity and sometimes it can be hard to just sit down and start – even if you are comfortable with watercolors. This is exactly why I created my Wildflower Farms Postcards. ANYONE can sit down and paint one of these no matter what their skill level is… and they make a beautiful takeaway to remember your time spent in the Hudson Valley.

Jaime paints a watercolor postcard of the landscape for a watercolor activation at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort in the Hudson Valley, New York

The Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit

I’m thrilled to introduce an exquisite addition to your creative journey—the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit, a travel-friendly watercolor kit to bring a piece of this magical experience to you.

Introducing the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit: A Portable Palette of Inspiration

The kit is a celebration of creativity and nature, encapsulated in a compact yet comprehensive set. It includes two exclusive Wildflower Farms postcards that mirror the charm of the landscape. These postcards serve as a canvas for your art and a keepsake of your time in the Hudson Valley.

Kickstart your artistic journey, with three additional blank postcards that are provided. Use them for warm-up exercises or create original works of art.

Accompanying this kit is a high-quality round watercolor brush, meticulously chosen to elevate your painting experience. Its versatility makes it the perfect companion for capturing the essence of Wildflower Farms’ meadows and cabins on paper.

How to Use the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit

Unlock the potential of this kit with step-by-step instructions, offering guidance on unlocking the potential of the kit. This is exclusively available at Wildflower Farms at the Farmhouse. Immerse yourself in the joy of watercolor painting and create cherished memories with the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit. Purchase yours today at Wildflower Farms and let your creativity bloom ?

Learn more about the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit

Check out this post detailing how to use your Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit 🙂 Happy painting!


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