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Upcoming Watercolor
Courses and Workshops

 Click on any of the above images to learn more about in-person Hudson Valley and NYC watercolor classes, in-depth online courses, and booking me for corporate team building, family gatherings or brand activations. 

 Whether you've never held a paintbrush or are a lifelong creative, this is your invitation to ditch self-doubt and start painting with confidence and ease. 

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Wildflower Farms Auberge

Jenni Kayne Home

Urban Outfitters

Troutbeck Resort


"Jaime has been a true pleasure to work with at Wildflower Farms. Her watercolor class transported me into a calm, creative space to learn and her holiday activities engage our guests consistently every time she joins us."

Enza DePalma

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts
Experience Curator

"Jaime’s watercolor session at our wedding was a key part of the weekend. I’d recommend Jaime’s workshop for any event where the goal is for your friends / family / colleagues to connect with themselves and each other."

Melanie Shapiro

Wedding Weekend Activation
Troutbeck Bride

Jaime’s watercolor class was as effortless and lovely as she is! Her teaching style gives you enough direction to feel confident in the process yet still experiment, finding your own style in her technique. You will walk away excited for the next opportunity to pick up a paintbrush!

Jill Speranza-Mullen

Workshop Participant
Jenni Kayne Home SOHO

Learn how your watercolor practice can be used for self-care in this quick, easy to follow video tutorial breaking down the fundamentals of linking breath to brushstroke. 

 Watercolor with Breath

The Quickest Way To Calm:

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Beginner Course

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Welcome to the most comprehensive beginner friendly watercolor course there is. Not only will you learn the basics of modern watercolor techniques, we also practice how to lean in to your creative intuition to set up a foundation for a watercolor practice rooted in self-discovery and care.

an immersive experience

Join me on our next Creative Retreat

I don't know your capacities, your aspirations, your longings, your secret talents. But surely something wonderful is sheltered inside you.

Jaime has over a decade experience holding space for women to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves, their artwork and community. She takes great care in curating a spacious experience rich in the potential to pause and soak up the beauty life has to offer. Creative Retreats are perfect for beginners or the experienced artist looking to develop their watercolor skills and finally prioritize themselves. 

-elizabeth gilbert

Why Mindfulness in Art?

Sometimes we don't even notice that we've been moving so fast through our day, we keep ourselves stuck in this pattern of pumping adrenaline and anxiety. If we don't take a minute to find our breath and bring some awareness around our actions we can float mindlessly through our day, week or even year. Our time to paint offers this sacred pause. 

Teaching Philosophy

Community principles & values

Cultivating a

The importance of a safe and inclusive community within in the artistic process is something I value deeply. I strive to cultivate a kind and supportive community where people of all artistic levels can connect, learn, and grow together. My painting classes in the Hudson Valley, New York City and online, fosters a kind and supportive space that encourages collaboration, exploration, and the celebration of each individual's unique perspective and diverse lived experiences.

From beginners seeking to unlock their artistic abilities to experienced artists looking to further refine their techniques, my  classes and creative retreats create an atmosphere that prioritizes exploration and empowers individuals to discover their deepest creative potential.