Hudson Valley artist and watercolor teacher

how it started

The Road Back from Art School Burnout

Returning to creativity after art school burnout came in the form of a travel watercolor kit.

It was a gift from my sister-in-law that I stashed in our Airstream junk drawer for longer than I’d like to admit! One day I decided to open it up and see if I could still paint.

I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York with a bad case of the burnouts - it had been many many years since I made anything.

Instead of pursuing Interior Design (like my degree suggested) I dedicated my life to adventure and holistic health. My husband and I lived in an airstream in Austin, TX and had nothing but luxurious time to do yoga, drink ridiculously good coffee, bike to Barton Springs and walk our dog.

We were starting to feel the pull to start a family and grow deeper roots but didn't know what that might look like or what our next steps should be...

what I offer

Online courses and live workshops for learning how to watercolor with confidence + ease.

Curated watercolor activations for high-end guest experiences.

High-quality surface patterns and wall art for discerning brands.

You deserve a moment to remember how good it feels to be connected to creativity ~ just as I did.

I've witnessed hundreds of students connect to intuition, shift their energy and relax into the moment through watercolor. It's a passion of mine to offer supportive space for that kind of transformation.

My why

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Discover the Joy of Painting in the Hudson Valley

If you're searching for local painting classes or watercolor workshops near the Hudson Valley, you've come to the right place. Join our creative painting courses and learn watercolor techniques that will elevate your artistic skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, our welcoming and supportive environment will inspire you to explore artistic expression and unlock your creative potential. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hudson Valley while receiving expert guidance in our inclusive and engaging painting courses. 

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Community principles & values

Cultivating a

The importance of a safe and inclusive community within in the artistic process is something I value deeply. I strive to cultivate a kind and supportive community where people of all artistic levels can connect, learn, and grow together. My painting classes in the Hudson Valley, New York City and online, fosters a kind and supportive space that encourages collaboration, exploration, and the celebration of each individual's unique perspective and diverse lived experiences.

From beginners seeking to unlock their artistic abilities to experienced artists looking to further refine their techniques, my  classes and creative retreats create an atmosphere that prioritizes exploration and empowers individuals to discover their deepest creative potential.