Watercolor Licensing

Through my licensing partnerships, I create an intimate connection to nature, featuring my signature florals, spirited animals, and gestural patterns that transform everyday objects into beloved treasures.

Book a Corporate Watercolor Workshops

A watercolor workshop in Austin, Texas is the perfect way to break out of linear thinking and gather in a new and relaxing way. My private class offer you and your team a supportive, creative experience to engage and learn together.

Book your Social Watercolor Workshops

Perfect for Austin Weddings, bachelorette parties, family reunions or birthdays, my private watercolor workshops are a fun and intentional way to relax and spend time together. Plus, your guests leave with a little takeaway to remember the experience.

Watercolor Activation

Interactive watercolor activations are delightful guest offerings for hospitality and retail spaces during special events and holidays—as well as weddings and parties. I curate watercolor stations for guests to paint their own cards customized for the occasion. I paint along and provide watercolor painting tips while encouraging pleasant conversation.

"Jaime has been a true pleasure to work with at Wildflower Farms. Her watercolor class transported me into a calm, creative space to learn and her holiday activities engage our guests consistently every time she joins us."

Enza DePalma

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts
Experience Curator

Past event

Easter Holiday Watercolor Activation

Guests joined me at the Great Porch to paint postcards to send to loved ones for the Easter Holiday. Unlike a workshop, guests were able to pop in, paint, chat, enjoy the moment and then go onto their next activity. Option to customize pre-painted cards with cute watercolor bunnies on them, or take a blank card to decorate.

Wildflower Farms
Auberge Resort

What Makes My Workshop Different

I bring over a decade of experience in art, yoga, and meditation to teaching watercolor, and the experience I curate in my classes reflects that—inviting participants to relax into the present moment so they can come back to the magic of nature and self.

If you're looking for a unique way to spend time in a supportive, collective space, invigorate creativity and try something new, you've come to the right place.

what they're saying:

Jaime’s watercolor session at our wedding was a key part of the weekend. I had very little bandwidth to contribute ideas or feedback during the planning process, and nevertheless Jaime nailed it! Our guests, who ranged in artistic ability and interest, were enthralled by the painting exercises Jaime put together. I’d recommend Jaime’s workshop for any event where the goal is for your friends/family/colleagues to connect with themselves and each other.

— Melanie Shapiro
Melanie offered a watercolor workshop to guests at her Troutbeck wedding. Guests painted their own cards for the couple with Jaime's guidance.

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