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Jaime aims to bolster your confidence in watercolor (and yourself) by offering practices that center ritual and lean into the wisdom of creativity.
Jaime Reynolds

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Watch Me Paint Using the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit

Get your Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit out and paint along with me! I’ll show you how to complete this discreet paint-by-numbers landscape in the video tutorial below. Review the corresponding PDF for a review of the tools provided. Below you’ll find all the tips and tricks for completing your watercolor landscape with care.

Your Watercolor Kit “How To” PDF

Click here to access the PDF as a booklet or view below. It gives you all the colors from used in this watercolor kit and shows examples of how to finish your postcard.

Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit Title
Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit How To PDF
Click here to access the PDF as a booklet
Wildflower Farms watercolor kit paint by numbers
Pdf guide with a discount to Jaime's Intro to Intuitive Watercolors beginner course
Paint by numbers PDF guide

The Postcards: Discreet ‘Paint by Numbers’

Discover the enchantment of the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit, an artistic haven packaged in a delightful butterfly box. This charming kit is designed to bring the beauty of Wildflower Farms right to your fingertips.

The kit boasts two mesmerizing letterpressed postcards, featuring the iconic view of cabins nestled beneath the Shawangunk Ridge at Wildflower Farms Auberge Resort. These postcards aren’t just picturesque; they double as discreet guides, allowing you to gracefully paint your watercolors over them.

Delight in the artistic freedom provided by four blank postcards, crafted from thick cotton paper. Paint your own designs to frame or turn into postcards.

Watercolor Paints and a Brush Included!

Furthermore, no need to worry about gathering supplies. Everything is included in the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit. Dive into a palette of included watercolors, a vibrant spectrum ready to bring your imagination to life. A size 4 round brush accompanies the watercolors, offering precision and control as you translate your visions onto paper.

Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit Butterfly Box

Everything fits snug in the travel-friendly butterfly box, allowing you to unpack creativity anywhere your heart desires. Whether you find inspiration amid nature, in the comfort of your home, or during your travels, this kit empowers you to paint on the go.

Immerse yourself in the soothing world of watercolors, guided by the tranquil scenes of Wildflower Farms. With each stroke, you bring a piece of this idyllic haven into your artwork. Let the Wildflower Farms Watercolor Kit help you capture the essence of your stay and bring it home with you. Unleash your artistic spirit and let the colors of Wildflower Farms flourish under your brush.


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