Master the foundations

of intuitive watercolors

Not only will you learn the basics of modern watercolor techniques, we also practice how to lean in to your creative intuition to set up a foundation for a watercolor practice rooted in self-discovery and care.

How would it feel to come to a blank page and know what to paint with confidence and trust in the next right step?

It's time to stop following step-by-step watercolor tutorials and start owning your creative intuition. This course outlines the foundations for accessing your intuition through the wisdom of watercolor. 

Intuitive Watercolors 101

A likely story

Do any of these roadblocks sound familiar?


You're ready to SMASH the narrative that you aren't the creative one in your family / didn't inherit the art genes... Sorry I just don't buy that and I won't let you either.


You started dabbling in watercolors but wish you had a friend to sit you down and break down all the basics... saving you years of mistakes and hundreds of dollars on unnecessary supplies.


You really enjoy painting but perfectionism makes it almost impossible to relax into the process.


You're tired of googling "beginner watercolor tutorials" and are ready to start making art that looks like it was made by YOU!

i've been there

My brain whispering “don’t f*$!k this up!” with every brushstroke. I was there too, drawing a pencil sketch of my entire painting and then painstakingly coloring it in. Googling "Beginner Watercolor Tutorials" until I was blue in the face and could not, no would not paint another sunset over the water again! 

I longed for a trust in myself and my skills to confidently put paint to a blank page. 

not sure where to start.

Staring at a blank page

Intuitive Watercolors 101

Made just for you

A beginner watercolor course crafted from first-hand experience teaching students to get in touch with their intuition while learning the basics of watercolor painting.

4 hours of video lessons

Pour your favorite drink, get out the paints and enjoy learning all about the foundations of watercolors. I broke down our 6 modules into 22 bite-sized videos, so you can work through the course at your own pace without overwhelm.

Ever want to hone your technical skills only to spend what feels like 6 hours gridding your paper out with a pencil and ruler?? I created a template for exercises like our color wheel and value studies so you can skip to the good stuff... putting paint to the page!

Filled with supporting journaling prompts and activities to build your intuition and keep you on track to get the most out of the course experience.




Here's What's Included

printable tech files

25 day practice calendar

One Payment 

6 Easy to Follow Modules

Value packed course workbook

25 day practice calendar with journal prompts

Lifetime access + any course updates


“Jaime's watercolor class was as effortless and lovely as she is!”

Jaime’s watercolor class was as effortless and lovely as she is! Her teaching style gives you enough direction to feel confident in the process yet still experiment, finding your own style in her technique. You will walk away excited for the next opportunity to pick up a paintbrush!

Jill Speranza-Mullen

“Jaime gave simple instructions that were easy to follow!”

"I had the opportunity recently to take a floral watercolor class with Jaime and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She gave simple instructions that were easy to follow & incorporated some breathwork into the practice that made it meditative &relaxing. I would high recommend taking a class with Jaime if you want to learn simple techniques for watercolor."

Sara Fine

Here’s where all your resources and course workbook live. We'll begin with a warm welcome and an introductory overview of the course. This initial section is designed to help you get comfortable with the materials and set the stage for your watercolor journey.

Getting Started






Let's Review

After a welcome intro and breakdown of essential supplies and techniques, we'll dive into mastering the fundamentals of watercolor techniques with a healthy serving of mindfulness tools.

A Peek Inside The Course...

This section dives into the essential information needed to confidently purchase watercolor supplies, focusing on the tools we’ll use throughout the course. We’ll explore various options, ensuring you feel well-equipped and ready. Additionally, we will set an intention for our creative time together, fostering a purposeful and enriching experience.

The Intuitive Painter's Toolbox

We’ll practice mindfulness techniques to help ground you in the present moment, enhancing your painting experience. You'll learn different techniques for applying paint to the page and the proper way to hold your paintbrush. This combination of mindfulness and technique will help you connect deeply with your artistic process.

Ground Into the present

Discover the importance of working with value in watercolor painting. We’ll review the glazing technique and create a monochromatic mountain scene to practice these concepts. Finally, we'll combine everything in a beautiful wreath tutorial, where you'll learn detailed methods for painting leaves and berries.

Layering Awareness

Create your own color wheel and learn the best color pairings to convey emotions in your paintings. You'll master analogous, complementary, split complementary, and tetradic color pairings. The final project involves using color to translate emotion in your artwork, solidifying your understanding of color theory.

Gaining Confidence with Color theory


As we bring the course to a close, we’ll discuss ways to share your work and reflect on your progress. This section will help you integrate everything you've learned and find confidence in your new skills. It’s a celebration of your journey and an encouragement to continue exploring your creativity.


This is for you if:

You're an absolute beginner

You think your not artistic

Your perfectionism kills the vibe

You're looking for a 1:1 or small group program

You are more interested in making $$$ from your art, not relaxing in it.

It's probably not for you if...

You're looking for step-by-step tutorials that you can copy

jaime reynolds

Your watercolor guide

The opportunity for intention, curiosity and connection can, unfortunately, be such a novelty these days. It's an honor to stay close to these teachings through my watercolor practice and offerings.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness While Painting

Watercolor painting requires focused attention and presence in the moment, promoting a state of mindfulness and providing a much-needed break from daily responsibilites.

Stress Reduction

Painting with mindfulness cultivates a supportive headspace to create directly from your heart, without your thoughts getting in the way. 

Drop Perfectionism

Engage in this non-verbal form of self-expression, allowing you to convey your emotions, thoughts, and experiences through colors and imagery providing.

Emotional Expression

A watercolor practice stimulates creativity, encouraging you to think outside the box, experiment with techniques and explore new possibilities with paints. 


Explore your intuitive artistic choices and  preferences. The creative process allows for introspection, self-discovery and personal growth.

Boost Creativity

Overcoming the challenges of putting paint to paper can shift your mindset from doubting your creative abilities, to just enjoying the act of creating for YOU!

Ditch Self-Doubt

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete this course?

Listen, I get it - we are all feeling the time crunch. That's why I designed this course in small, easy to digest modules. Have 30 minutes? Why not spend it doing something relaxing and enjoyable - no thought necessary just get out your paints and hit play :)

How long do I have to access the course?

How about a lifetime? After securing your spot, you have unlimited access to this course including any and all future course updates. 

I'm not artistic... can I still learn how to watercolor?

Yes, absolutely! While painting and drawing skills are fun to have, they aren't required to take this class. It might take some time to refine the techniques, but you'll find each module to be very beginner friendly - even if you've never picked up a paintbrush before. 

I couldn't name one watercolor technique if my life depended on it, can I still take the class?

This is EXACTLY the class you need to learn all the basic watercolor techniques. 

When does this course start and finish?

The course starts when you enroll and never ends :) You can bookmark it and return to the lessons each year to mark your improvement.

I have some questions about if this course is right for me, can I speak with someone directly?

Of course! Send me an email at with some times you're available to hop on a quick call with me. I'd be happy to talk more about the valuable resources this course provides. 

One Payment 

One Payment 

6 Easy to Follow Modules

Value packed course workbook

30 day practice calendar with journal prompts

Lifetime access + any course updates